Environmental Efforts

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Haute Curations, we believe in creating beautiful fine art prints while preserving the beauty of our planet. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business, from the materials and digital platform we use to the community initiatives we support.

Supporting a Local Eco-Friendly Community

We have partnered with a sustainable community on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia called Entelechy. We donate a portion of proceeds from every order to support their environmental projects. These initiatives evolve over time and focus on various areas, including the creation of food gardens, greenhouses, educational workshops on land stewardship, and more.

Currently, proceeds are being directed towards planting laurel trees on the property.

6 Trees Planted with Every Order

  • Global Reforestation Efforts: For every order placed, we donate five trees to be planted in Madagascar. Madagascar is a critical region for reforestation, with significant efforts underway to restore its unique and vital ecosystems.

  • Local Land Support: We donate an additional one tree per order to reforestation efforts in Canada. These trees are more expensive to plant, but they contribute directly to local sustainability to offset our use of domestic pine wood for our art frames. These trees are planted on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia on eco-friendly community lands.

Sustainable Materials

Our giclee canvas' are built with eco-friendly frames from domestic pine wood. Domestic pine is sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring replanting and preservation of ecosystems, reducing deforestation and maintaining biodiversity within Canada.

Sourcing locally also cuts down on transportation emissions, minimizing our carbon footprint, as well as supports local economies while ensuring adherence to strict environmental standards. Using sustainably sourced materials is integral to our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Carbon Neutral Platform

We use Shopify as our e-commerce platform because it is a carbon-neutral company, ensuring that our business operations do not negatively impact the planet. This includes the emissions from the data centers that power our website and online transactions, which require significant electrical energy to operate. By offsetting these emissions, Shopify helps us reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to global sustainability. 

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